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Keystone LED has a simple mission  when it comes to Grow community ; We don't just want to sell to it, we want to be an important part of it.  That's why our Grow Lighting technology has been carefully field tested in cooperation with sustainable aquaponic and vertical farming companies with amazing results.  Our Technology offers the industries most robust, intelligent solution for the emerging sustainable grow markets.

​Keystone LED is in the business of tackling problems in the world of commercial LED lighting.  Our Patented KiiC technology will open doors to a new way of growing; a 21st Century intelligent lighting and control system that puts you in the drivers seat.

​I want to thank you all for having a peek at what we have to offer, and we will keep everyone posted on our progress.

Keystone LED LLC

About Keystone LED

Keystone also Offers turnkey design and development services including;

  • Electrical and mechanical engineering
  • Rapid 3D prototyping
  • Detailed thermal analysis
  • KiiC integration 
  • DLC approval assistance
  • In-depth component sourcing
  • Production and assembly management