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IntelliGro 300.

The Keystone IntelliGro 300.

The Right Light.  At The Right Time.

Bigger. Cooler. Smarter. The Keystone IntelliGro 300 is your intelligent  choice. 

The IntelliGro Advantage

  • Highest Lumen per Watt output of any LED Grow light.
  • Powerful white LEDs equal the most natural spectrum delivery.
  • Onboard KiiC technology offers unmatched control and intelligence.
  • Full Spectrum 10' x 10' Diamond shaped footprint for maximum vegetation and flowering.
  • ​KiiC technology increase lifespan to 60 thousand hours plus.
  • Superior active cooling.
  • Easy to install Housing.
  • ​Ambient Temperature monitoring reduces HVAC costs.

The Keystone IntelliGro 300 combines Keystone LED KiiC technology, our proprietary scalable platform and superior white COB LEDs to deliver a 21st century grow lighting system like no other.  Onboard programmable KiiC technology allows dual control and monitoring of the light output in real time.  Easy to use programmable software can realize a 70% savings in lighting energy when compared to traditional forms of lighting.  Spectrum output of the Keystone IntelliGro 300 is carefully engineered to mimic sunlight .



he brain of the IntelliGro is our patent-pending KiiC technology. KiiC, (Keystone Intelligent Integrated Control) gives you control. The KiiC measures and displays specific amperage from each LED, diagnoses each LED, and controls power, all in real time. Users can adjust light output /intensity with a few keystrokes, making independent adjustments to both the vegetative and flowering stages of growth.

​Grow Lighting - Our Philosophy ...

​Why no Reds and Blues?

​White LEDs

White LEDs have made major advancements over the last 10 years; increased lumen output per watt and more stable packaging have made them a viable lighting alternative.

​Keystone LED has changed
the paradigm of grow lighting with its use of high powered COB white LEDs. The spectrum emitted by white LEDs more accurately mimics natural sunlight, and because of the higher output and stable CRI of these LEDs, we use fewer diodes to achieve better light and spectral emission. The IntelliGro 300 offers output competitive to traditional Metal Halide lamps at a fraction of the watts used, reduces HVAC, lamp and ballast replacement costs, and eliminates the danger of lamp breakage over product.


The Keystone IntelliGro 300 offers the widest footprint of any LED grow light on the market.  From a hang height of 6', the IntelliGro 300 produces a 10' x 10' diamond shaped footprint.  The outer perimeter of the footprint is ideal for vegetative stages while the inner area is perfect for flowering.  Because the IntelliGro 300 utilizes KiiC technology, users can independently control these areas to achieve the perfect balance of light for optimal growth during the entire grow cycle.  This dual control can be used to tailor light to specific plant strains and results.

It's well known that plant life absorbs wavelengths in the red/blue spectrum, depending on the stage of growth; vegetative or flowering. And while Red/Blue LEDs deliver these wavelengths, feeding a plant only

​red and/or blue spectrums during its entire growth cycle is akin to eating baby food from infancy to adulthood; it may be good when you're young and growing, and provide basic sustenance when your'e old, but in between secondary nutrients are necessary for proper and healthy growth and maturation.
After extensive field testing of Red and Blue LED lighting, Keystone Engineers discovered that the use of Red/Blue 
grow lighting resulted in weaker, less robust plants when compared to other more traditional forms of
To further test the theory, we installed our White LED commercial light engine in the same controlled growing environment. 
The results spoke for themselves ...
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